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Welcome To Anamay Elder Home

Leaders in Skilled Geriatric Care

Welcome To Anamay Elder Home


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Welcome To Anamay Elder Home


Welcome To Anamay Elder Home


Welcome To Anamay Elder Home

Anandghar - Managed By Anamay Healthcare

Kolambe, Ratnagiri
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Meeting Your Emotional Needs

An elderly person needs to feel safe, remain close to other people and believe that life continues.

Meeting Your Physical Needs

We offer skilled nursing services at all of our locations with professionally trained nursing staff.

Enjoy Independent Living

Gives seniors the confidence to remain independent in a professionally managed environment. 

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Old Age is one’s second childhood.

If there is one thing that we have learnt in our years on this planet, it’s that the happiest and most fulfilled people are those who devoted themselves to something bigger and more profound than merely their own self-interest. This COVID Pandemic showed us the need for a better place that caters to the senior aged people.  This was the seed that got planted into the young mind of Ms Pallavi Desai who along with Mr Prasad Sohoni, started Anamay Health Care Pvt Ltd– the home for the Elderly which is an assisted living centre. Assisted living is a type of housing designed for people who need various levels of medication and personal care.

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What We Offer

We Take Care Of Seniors Who need Assistance

Independent Living - For Couples

We at Anamay encourage our resident to live a healthy life by taking care of their Medical & Emotional needs. As we practice and follow we respect the self-esteem & dignity of residents. 

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Mrs. Bhagwat

It was really wonderful to be associated with you and Dr. Sohani. Great facility provided by you in times of difficulty. Initially we were really worried about Aai as she required lot of care and attention. However at your homely setup and your well trained careing team always provided the necessary environment, attention and medical support we were looking for. Keep up the good work..God bless you all. Best wishes to each one of you.

Mrs. Sandhya Nargund

My Mother Mrs. Prabha Bhagwat was staying with Anamay Elder home for more than 6 + months. They have taken utmost care of my mother she was very happy and satisfied with her stay there. Also we always got all the updates from the staff. i would recommend Anamay to those who are looking for care , love and compassion for their loved ones.

Mr. Milind Palsule

My dad spent last 3 weeks of his life at Anamay Elderly home. We knew about Anamay, couple of close friends had used this facility, and their feedbacks were really good. So we were assured of basic good services at Anamay. But the support we got throughout from the entire Anamay team was so amazing and overwhelming, that I honestly do not have enough words to thank them. My Dad aged 84 had to be hospitalized after a paralytic attack and wavering sodium levels. Once his vitals stabilized, we moved him to Anamay. Mom too accompanied him. This is just one of the great features of Anamay-the spouse can stay with the ailing person. My good vibes about the place started from the point our ambulance reached the place. Co-owner Pallavi and her trained staff were waiting at the entrance to take Dad to his room. She later had a separate chat with me which was so comforting. From the word go, an ICU trained nurse (Nikita) took charge while a ward boy (Prathamesh) attached to the room looked after Mom’s needs. Dad was put on a medically equipped bed with provision for liquid feed and saline. A Doctor and a Physio visited the same night checking Dad’s ICU treatment details and the hospital Doctor’s prescribed medicines. Anamayfolks arranged for my overnight stay since I had come down from Mumbai. My overnight stay helped me get an actual feel of the place, which was a huge comforting factor. I felt very relaxed leaving Mom and Dad with Anamay. Nikita and Prathamesh were available 24x7 on call for any emergency. Their services were prompt, caring and professional. The place also has basic facilities of ECG and Xray. The Physio managed to take him around on a wheel-chair. They have a resident Manager (Mr. Karve) who was also available 24x7. We were constantly in touch with Mom. During her three weeks stay, the bonds that she formed with the staff was very comforting. This was very assuring for me and my wife. While Dad’s health was deteriorating, we knew that he was getting the best available help- medical, physical, and emotional. There was a time when things got worse and we had to move Dad back to the hospital ICU, on an emergency basis. Anamay managed that too very efficiently. Pallavi herself was in the hospital till 11.30 pm that day. We really felt indebted to Anamay that night for this kind of support. Once back to Anamay, he had to be put on Oxygen for breathing. Despite all the best efforts, Dad called it a day. Me and Sister (she’d flown down from Dubai) got the news while on way to Pune at 11 o’clock. While we reached Pune and my other relatives reached Anamay, the support they offered my Mom was very touching. Though Dad had his last breath around 9:30am, they made sure Mom had her breakfast and later lunch.Anamay was kind enough to let the body stay for more than 2 hours (their normal policy). They helped wrap the body, managed a Doctor’s death certificate and even took care of Crematorium Pass necessary for cremation. They arranged an ambulance to take Dad’s body to the crematorium and arranged for flowers.Their Manager Mr. Karve personally came to oversee matters at the crematorium. The twist at the end was even more touching. Anamay arranged for some Khichadi/kadhi for us on our return from cremation.The blend of human touch and prompt professional services we experienced at Anamay were simply amazing. On a concluding note, if you have constraints in looking after your old folks, Anamay Pune would be a choice right at the top. You can be rest assured that your old folks will be looked after, the same way you would want them to be looked after – caringly and with respect. Once you visit the place, your conscience will be free of any guilt whatsoever.

Mr. Kelkar

नमस्कार, गेल्या महिन्यापासून माझी आई "अनामय हेल्थकेअर" बाणेर, पुणे येथे रहात आहे. येथील वास्तव्यात आई खूप खुषीत आहे. इथली स्वच्छता, शुश्रुषा, जेवण्या खाण्याची सोय आणि इतर कार्यक्रम खुपच छान आहे. प्रसाद, पल्लवी, आणि शेखर जातिने सर्व सुखसोयीं कडे लक्ष देत असतात. बाकी सर्व काम करणारेही आपुलकीने सर्वांची काळजी घेत असतात. समवयस्का समावेत आईचा वेळ आनंदात जातो. माधव केळकर.

Mrs. Anjali Deshpande



A positive feedback by one of our relative. we are Grateful to you . ☺️ १४ मार्च २०२१ ला माझे बाबा अनामय एल्डर केअर सेंटर, बाणेर मध्ये राहायला आले. खरं तर त्यांना तिथे कितपत आवडेल ह्या बद्दल मी साशंक होते.कारण त्यांचा स्वभाव जरा कडक आणि हेकेखोर होता.त्यांची तब्येत व्यवस्थित होती आणि हिंडत फिरत होते.वय ८४.पण पहिल्याच आठवड्यात त्यांनी मला सांगितलं की तिथल्या सर्व सेवा उत्तम आहेत.अगदी नाश्ता,जेवण इथपासून ते नर्स ,attendent ची मदत सर्व काही नियमित असते.विशेषतः जेवण आणि नाष्टा त्यांना पसंत पडले त्यामुळे ते समाधानी होते.सगळ्यात महत्वाची व्यक्ती म्हणजे शेखर सोहनी.त्यांचा बाबांना खूप आधार वाटायचा.त्यांच्यावर विश्वास,प्रेम होते.बाबांचा कुठलाही प्रश्न शेखर आणि पल्लवी मॅडम सोडवू शकतात ह्याची त्यांना खात्री होती.हे दोघे सर्वांची खूप मायेने काळजी घेतात.डॉक्टर मानसी तर बाबांचं टॉनिक होत म्हणायला हरकत नाही.फेब्रुवारी त बाबांना ताप आला तेव्हा त्यांनी खूप व्यवस्थित ट्रीटमेंट दिली.त्यांना सतत भेटून बोलत होत्या.मागच्या वर्षी एकदा बाबा पडले आणि महिनाभर bed वर होते.तेव्हादेखील सर्वांनी तातडीचे उपचार करून त्यांना महिनाभरात पुन्हा हिंडते फिरते केले.आत्ता १ मार्च ला बाबांना हॉस्पिटल मध्ये ठेवावे लागले तेव्हा देखील अनामाय चा सपोर्ट खूप मोलाचा होता.९ मार्च ,२०२३ ला बाबांना अल्पशा आजाराने देवाज्ञा झाली. माझ्या बाबांची ही दोन वर्ष आनंदात आणि सुखकर गेली ह्याच पूर्ण श्रेय शेखर आणि त्यांची टीम ह्यांचं आहे.मी त्याबद्दल अनामय ची आजन्म ऋणी राहीन

Vandana Joshi

माझ्या सासूबाई गेली चार वर्ष अल्झायमर dimentia ने आणि खूप आजारी आहेत. एक दीड महिन्यापूर्वी अशी वेळ आली की त्यांना घरात ठेवणे अशक्य झाले होते, म्हणून आम्ही केअर सेंटर च्या शोधात होतो तर एक-दोन ठिकाणी चौकशी केल्यावर सगळीकडून एकच नाव कळले अनामय हेल्थ केअर सेंटर आम्ही चौकशीला गेलो आणि तिथले वातावरण सगळ्यांचं आजी-आजोबांशी वागणं बघून आम्ही ठरवलं की आजीला ईथेच ठेवायचे तिथला आमचा अनुभव अतिशय सुरेख आहे सगळ्या मावशी सगळ्या ताई या खूप छान काळजी घेतात.. त्यांच्यात एक दीड महिन्यात खूपच फरक पडला आहे त्या खूप आरडाओरडा करायच्या त्या एकदम शांत झाल्या आहेत आम्हाला कोणीही विचारले की आम्ही सांगतो अनामय सारखी छान जागा नाही. समर पार्टीचा काय छान आनंद घेत होते सगळे आज्जी,आजोबा,24 तास डॉक्टर,नर्स आहे, प्रत्येकाच्या तब्येती प्रमाणे थेरपी,व्यायाम करून घेतात आकांक्षा ताई, पल्लवीताई, राणी मावशी सगळ्यांनाच लव यू आणि थँक यु सो मच.. वंदना जोशी

Sunil Patil

Aai had undergone a hip surgery and she had also developed bedsores. We definitely were not equipped at home to ensure that Aai will get the best service after the surgeries. Hence, we started searching for the best possible service provider for elderlies who provides the post operative care. After visiting several service providers, we decided to shift Aai at Anamay. This was in January of 2023. Aai was at Anamay till she breathed her last and left for heavenly abode on 24th January, 2024. Aai was at Anamay for a year during which she was well taken care of by the staff at Anamay. Anamay is well staffed with mawashi and mama who used to take care of Aai’s daily chores starting in morning till she used to retire to bed in the night. I used to visit Aai at least twice a week and feed her some of her favourite dishes. Anamay staff does provide balanced meals to all the residents which includes breakfast, two meals and snacks. On a festive day, all the residents get a feast which also includes desserts. Aai was mostly bedridden or wheel chair bound as her hip ball got dislocated while giving her positions or shifting her between the bed and the wheelchair. Every day in the evening, the residents gather outside in the parking lot and either meet visitors or have entertainment programs lined up by the Anamay team. Almost all the festive days are celebrated with the residents to make them feel happy and enjoy as a team. Anamay has 24/7 nursing care for the patients who need it and a doctor who visits every day to check on the well being of all the residents. Aai developed cough in her lungs and was admitted in a local hospital to take care of it. We were out of town then but the team from Anamay took care of all the requirements and also made financial arrangement so that Aai gets admitted in the hospital. Aai recovered her lungs capacity substantially and was discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, Aai passed away on January 24th, 2024 at Anamay. We all gathered at Anamay to make last arrangements for Aai for her last journey to Vaikunth. The staff at Anamay was extremely helpful during this time. Finally, Aai left for her heavenly abode. Personally, I would like to thank the entire team at Anamay for making Aai’s stay at Anamay comfortable and make her feel at home. During her stay at Anamay, she had developed good rapport and excellent relations with some of the staff members. Anamay definitely is one of those places which provide excellent care to elders, particularly post operative care or elders who are facing old age-related ailments. Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Patil P.S. You may use Aai’s picture from my WA profile photo. I have several, let me know if you want me to send you some.